First U-CHASS Working Paper on Gender

We are very proud to announce the first U-CHASS Working Paper on gender: The woman’s researcher tale: A Review of Bibliometric Methods and Results for Studying Gender in Science

The U-CHASS (Computational Humanities and Social Sciences) group is a new unit of excellence of Universidad de Granada in which we explore the intersection of technology, data and human experiences. This group seeks to employ computational tools to analyse the intricacies inherent in human societies and deepen our understanding of their complexities.

Within U-CHASS there will be different lines of research, and one of those will be on gender and science. Thus, we present the first working paper of the series. This work, done by Elvira González-Salmón, Zaida Chinchilla-Rodríguez and Nicolas Robinson-Garcia is a literature review on gender and bibliometric methods. Throughout the reading of much research, these authors have summarised the main findings and recommendations in this paper.