New podcast on diversity in science: BoB feat. COMPARE

As part of the COMPARE project, we are joining the “Bibliometría o Barbarie” (BoB) project, a podcast in which we interviewed researchers with long and impressive bibliometric careers, to ask them about their trajectories, their ideas, their ups and downs, etc. The mix between BoB and COMPARE turned into BoB feat. COMPARE, a six-episode podcast in which, for the first time, we interviewed researchers from outside the bibliometrics world. On it, we select researchers that stand out given their unique and diverse profile, and we ask them about their specificities and how they navigate the rigid and unidimensional evaluative world.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the following researchers:

  • Daniel Innerarity, who publishes both in traditional science channels and in more mainstream media
  • Pablo Simón, who has an unique relationship with public opinion and mass media
  • Stuart Higgins, an expert in scientific dissemination (His podcast, Scientists not the Science greatly inspired us)
  • Magda Trillo, who shifted from private sector to public university
  • Irene Esteban, whose interests include the humanization of science and team building within science
  • Lucía Prieto, a researcher that combines lab work with ONG entrepreneurship

Episodes will start to air shortly. Until then, you can enjoy the presentation of this special season we did for the CO3 programme, from RadioLab UGR. On it, we further explain this new season, we show our motivations for doing it and hopefully, we make you want to listen to it. You can access the episode here.