Evaluative altmetrics applied to research evaluation

A new article was published in Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics by COMPARE team members Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado and Daniel Torres-Salinas. In the paper, titled «Evaluative altmetrics: is there evidence for its application to research evaluation?», the authors explore the possibilities of altmetrics for evaluative contexts and propose a methodological framework. Take a look at the summary of this original research:

Introduction: Altmetrics have been demonstrated as a promising tool for analyzing scientific communication on social media. Nevertheless, its application for research evaluation remains underdeveloped, despite the advancement of research in the study of diverse scientific interactions.

Methods: This paper develops a method for applying altmetrics in the evaluation of researchers, focusing on a case study of the Environment/Ecology ESI field publications by researchers at the University of Granada. We considered Twitter as a mirror of social attention, news outlets as media, and Wikipedia as educational, exploring mentions from these three sources and the associated actors in their respective media, contextualizing them using various metrics.

Summary of the methodological process and transformation of altmetric data for author-level evaluation.

Results: Our analysis evaluated different dimensions such as the type of audience, local attention, engagement generated around the mention, and the profile of the actor. Our methodology effectively provided dashboards that gave a comprehensive view of the different instances of social attention at the author level.

Discussion: The use of altmetrics for research evaluation presents significant potential, as shown by our case study. While this is a novel method, our results suggest that altmetrics could provide valuable insights into the social attention that researchers garner. This can be an important tool for research evaluation, expanding our understanding beyond traditional metrics.

Cite this publication: Arroyo-Machado W and Torres-Salinas D (2023) Evaluative altmetrics: is there evidence for its application to research evaluation?. Front. Res. Metr. Anal. 8:1188131. doi: 10.3389/frma.2023.1188131. And access the supplementary material.