The bibliometric journey towards technological and social change

Daniel Torres-Salinas, Nicolás Robinson-García and Evaristo Jiménez-Contreras just published a new article on the new challenges and issues of bibliometrics called “The bibliometric journey towards technological and social change: A review of current challenges and issues”. It is part of Volume 32, Number 2 of Profesional de la Información, which focuses on Digital native media ecosystem.

On it, they embark on a thorough analysis of the changes that bibliometrics has gone through in the past decades, focusing on databases, metrics, Data Science, evaluative bibliometrics diversity and profession. They conclude highlighting the next steps that bibliometrics should take, including an upgrade on technological skills and the need for a peaceful coexistence with peer review. In their own words “The challenge consists of promoting a more committed bibliometric approach which seeks to reveal the metrics of inequality and moves without hesitation towards a more neutral and less conditioned approach to metrics”

The abstract of the paper is the following:

The current trends and challenges in the field of bibliometrics are reviewed. To do so, we take the reader along a bibliometric route with six stations: the explosion of databases, the inflation of metrics, its relationship to Data Science, searching for meaning, evaluative bibliometrics, and diversity and profession. This evaluation encompasses three dimensions of the bibliometrics field regarding research evaluation: the technological, the theoretical, and the social. Finally, we advocate for the principles of an evaluative bibliometrics, balancing the power of metrics with expert judgment and science policy.


How to reference this article:

Torres-Salinas, D., Robinson-García, N., & Jiménez-Contreras, E. (2023). The bibliometric journey towards technological and social change: A review of current challenges and issues. Profesional De La información32(2).