New dashboard: Academic age and SDGs worldwide

We have just published an interactive dashboard relating academic age and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worldwide. This dashboard is the product of the collaboration between Clarivate and Universidad de Granada. These are the preliminary results of a research submitted for STI2023 by Gali Halevi, Nemanja Milicevic, Ryan Fry, Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado, Daniel Torres-Salinas and Nicolas Robinson-Garcia. The dashboard is accessible from the Toolbox section of the website.

The interactive dashboard offers the user the possibility of exploring the academic age and SDGs from different levels and perspectives. It is possible to observe the aggregate average number of researchers and academic age by SDGs and an average academic age map. Moreover, it is possible to carry out analysis at the country level. Lastly, the dashboard allows the user to compare regions and countries.

Screenshot of the dashboard.