Contribution types in Science interactive dashboard

Our team members Nicolás Robinson-García and Victoria Di Césare have just made available an interactive dashboard on contribution types in Science. It is related to a publication by Nicolás and Manuel Escabias titled «The relation between contribution statements and academic age», in which the authors attempted to characterize the diversity of roles researchers play in their work life, specifically concerning the type of contributions they conduct when collaborating with other researchers on the production of scientific outputs.

The interactive dashboard builds on this previous work and offers the user the possibility of exploring the behavior of researchers who have published in PLOS journals between 2006-2013 by adjusting different parameters, like number of authors, contribution type and academic age. Contribution types in Science, as well as other dashboards and tools, can be accessed through our Toolbox. The original dataset 1 containing contribution and bibliometric data on a set of publications assigned to the Medical and Life Sciences from PLOS journals is also fully available, as is the code written in R language to develop this programming tool.

Contribution types in Science screenshot.