COMPARE + IberLab = Forthcoming edited book on Big Data and Humanities

Team member Daniel Torres-Salinas and Ana Gallego Cuiñas, scientific coordinator of IberLab, a Scientific Excellence Unit at the University of Granada are editing the book ‘Humanities and Big Data in Ibero-America‘ which will be published by De Gruyter at the end of this year. The book is already for pre-sale at Amazon and it includes a variety of chapters by both, humanists and data scientists on the potentials of Big Data and machine learning techniques to explore research topics of interest to the Humanities.

This book feeds from the contributions presented at the 1st International Conference on Humanities and Big Data in Ibero-America celebrated at the end of last year. Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado and Nicolas Robinson-Garcia will also participate with a book chapter in which they will show some results of the COMPARE project with regard to the study of publication patterns in the Humanities and profiles of scholars. Some preliminary findings were already presented at the conference. In this chapter, titled Towards a Science of Humanities: How Big Data can solve the limitations of scientometrics, we expand on the analyses presented and discuss the potential of combining scientometric methods and machine learning approaches to large sets of data from different sources to better inform on the production modes and process of new scholarly knowledge in the Humanities. As soon as this contribution can be shared we will make it openly accessible.