COMPARE @ STI2022 Granada

Last week the STI Conference took place in Granada. Our team members were there and were really active contributing with several oral presentations and posters. Here is the list of contributions made:

Oral presentations

  • Arroyo-Machado, W., Díaz-Faes, A.A. & Costas, R. New insights on social media metrics: examining the relationship between universities’ academic reputation and Wikipedia attention.
  • Arroyo-Machado, W., Torres-Salinas, D. & Costas, R. Where is the science in Wikipedia? Identification and characterization of scientifically supported contents.
  • Chinchilla-Rodríguez, Z., Costas, R., Larivière, V., Robinson-Garcia, N. & Sugimoto, C.R. The relationship between corresponding authorship and author position.
  • Escabias, M. & Robinson-Garcia, N. The relation between contribution statements and academic age.
  • Mazoni, A., Arroyo-Machado, W., Traag, V.A. & Costas, R. On the quest of scholarly communities of attention: large-scale clustering of Twitter users around scientific publications.
  • Melkers, J. & Welch, E. Academic Research Competitiveness: Theorizing and Operationalizing a New Research Evaluation Framework.
  • Torres-Salinas, D., Montero-Alonso, M.Á. & Arroyo-Machado, W. Skewness distribution of four key altmetric indicators: an in-progress analysis across 22 fields in a national context.